Martha Elisabeth Haynes
Der jüngere Zwilling - Die Abenteuer von Emmi Löwenthal (German)
The younger twin - the adventures of Emmi Löwenthal (English)
Martha Elisabeth Haynes
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The younger twin - the adventures of Emmi Löwenthal (English)

Ten year old Emmi Löwenthal is growing up in a mid-sized city in North Hesse, Germany.

Her mother disappeared four years earlier. All she left to Emmi is a speaking flying fox, which is not talkative at all where the reasons for the leaving are concerned.

Some day a stranger kidnaps Emmi, her stepsister Vicki and her friend Hannes to a world, which is called Itsñal or “the younger twin”.
It’s a world where time is not passing.

Emmi learns that her mother is empress here.  And that for twelve thousand years a struggle for power is going on between her and her brother Talipinu. Now the “time-bound” world is threatening Itsñal. Talipinu therefore wants to destroy it. Emmis mother Calliope wants to rescue Itsñal and our world. But is a human solution for our mortal world really what she is about?

Calliope and Talipinu are not able to kill each other without endangering Itsñal. It needs both of them to survive. Until now. Because Emmi has, what the siblings needed from each other. She is the opportunity for each of them to end the battle victoriously. Whoever controls Emmi controls Itsñal and also can do with the time-bound world what ever he or she wants.

What will Emmi decide to do?

A fantasy-novel for grown-ups, but from the viewpoint of kids.